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Vashon Action Huddle

Vashon Action Huddle is a small group of women and men who meet weekly to discuss affairs of the day. We got started post-inaugurally as a way to stave off lingering depression, anxiety and/or feelings of powerlessness. Each of us independently wanted to do something. But what?? Some of us were fortunate enough to March on Washington, DC, Olympia, Seattle or even on Vashon. From the marches, we decided to follow the Women’s March’s “10 Actions in 100 Days”. We welcome the guidance of fabulous Vashon’s Indivisible’s actions as well. (If you don’t know about them, go to www.indivisibleguidebook.com).

We have found a voice and a plan. We resist and oppose the noxious decisions coming out of the White House. We value freedom of speech, integrity, and peaceful protest. We support other individuals and groups who “fight the good fight”. Our Huddle brings together individuals with their own ideas and passions. We honor our differences and find common ground. We may march, write letters to legislators, send postcards to the President, attend Town Halls, register voters, and connect with the larger activist communities on Vashon and Puget sound. We invite you to join us and find your own voice.  Vashon Huddle has a website: 


Meetings:  Come to our weekly meeting: every Saturday at 11:30am at the Red Bicycle.

Vashon Action Huddle

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