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Our Revolution is the group formed by Bernie Sanders to continue his revolution.  The Our Revolution group has fleshed out its website with detailed information on progressive issues, and how to move them along, as well as progressive candidates. Rather then re-list everything here, please go to these pages on the Our Revolution website:


Here is what they are saying after the election:

The board of Our Revolution met together in Washington, DC and are committed to the following:

All for one, one for all!  Attacks on the rights of immigrants, people of color, indigenous nations, LGBTQ communities, working class or religious minorities will be met by resistance and solidarity by our movement.

We need an economy that works for all.  We will work for economic justice and against the oligopoly that controls so much and expects even more.  Big money out of politics and expanding voting rights are essential to our democracy. Additionally, we support a foreign policy that works towards peace, advocates for justice, and supports the human rights of all. 

We resist the Dakota Access Pipeline.  DAPL crushes the lives of our Native sisters and brothers, farmers in Iowa, our water and the earth itself.  Our commitment to tribal sovereignty, property rights and stopping climate change demands immediate action.

We will fight for democracy and an end to corporate and big money influence in the Democratic Party.  We endorse Keith Ellison for Party Chair.

Our organizing work will continue to move forward at the state and local levels as well as nationally.  As Tip O'Neill said, "all politics is local." When we are strong at both the local and national levels, we push forward a progressive agenda, and fight against the forces that dismiss the concerns of the working class.

The latest from Brand New Congress:
The biggest hurdle Brand New Congress must jump is the sheer volume of work that it takes to recruit candidates. We've put all the materials you'll need to help us with candidate recruitment here, and we’ve also made a video message that you can watch here about how we’re approaching recruitment.

The BNC strategy depends on us unveiling a slate of inspiring and trustworthy candidates -- that is large enough to give the American people a real hope of changing Congress. By running all those candidates as a block, in one campaign organization behind one awesome plan to rebuild America, we’ll give America a single place to volunteer and donate.

Brand New Congress was formed in April 2016 by former staffers of the Bernie Sanders campaign, when it became obvious he was not going to win the Democratic primary.  From their website:  Brand New Congress wants to end the poverty and suffering of tens of millions of Americans, reverse the effects of climate change so the planet is still inhabitable in 100 years, end our policies that keep ruining the lives of millions abroad by destabilizing their countries, and restore our democracy to go back to representing all of the people instead of just monied interests. We believe these are dire issues and decades of undirected, incremental changes won't be enough.Our goal is to create a plan to fix the issues above and implement that plan by replacing Congress all at once with a Brand New Congress in 2018 that agrees to the plan.

Nominate Candidates
Brand New Congress created a form to nominate people you know for elected office. This is how we change things - by participating.

From a recent e-mail from them: "We are at a precipice on so many fronts: climate change, social injustice, failing infrastructure, the growing gap in wealth inequality, to name just a few. It can be disheartening to think that it'd take a literal act of Congress to change our trajectory. But what if Congress actually represented us? What if both houses were a "Dream Team" of inspirational, smart, honest everyday citizens?

The candidates we’re looking for are extraordinary ordinary people -- they are teachers, small business owners, social workers, moms, dads. They advocate for their community, are humble, and generally don’t want to run for office because who in their right mind would?! Those are the qualities America needs in Congress.

You don’t have to join a call to nominate that exceptional person in your life.

To give you an idea of who we're looking for, here are a few of the exceptional nominations we’ve received:

  • A social studies teacher who identifies kids who are at risk of falling behind, and ensures that she helps them with tutoring or getting involved in after-school activities.
  • An engineer and expert on water treatment and corrosion who uncovered the high levels of lead in drinking water from the Flint River.
  • A preacher and barbershop owner who has been active in his community in many roles, and is now serving as President of the Fire Commission.
  • A veteran and lawyer who left his position at the law firm to become an organizer for a non-profit and advocate for his community.

Can't think of anybody right now, but know somebody who may? Suggest a local connector who can help us find that perfect candidate.

From their website:

"In general Brand New Congress is looking for people who have never held or even sought public office before. In the Brand New Congress, experience with horse trading, fundraising and kissing up to lobbyists will not be necessary.

It's ok if candidates do NOT want to run. No one in their right mind wants to run for Congress! First, we'll find the good people want to run, then we'll start drafting them to run.

We’ve got very high standards for our candidates -- which makes finding them very difficult work -- and which is why we really need YOUR help!

We are looking for candidates who fit these required criteria:

1) They are leaders with a track record of serving their communities — whether through business, government, entrepreneurship, education, etc.
2) They are excellent speakers and thinkers. (We're looking for folks who will be able to explain policy ideas to big crowds while also being able to work on the nuts and bolts of specific legislation.)
3) They agree with the BNC platform, which is essentially Bernie's program PLUS a massive economic rebuilding program that will provide great jobs for all.

Here is the link to the nomination form:


February 18 update from Brand New Congress:
Our bold vision of running 400 candidates on a unified platform that puts working-class interests above those of billionaires is becoming reality--and it’s all thanks to you. Supporters like you have nominated amazing leaders who will help lead us in this political revolution. Over the next few days, we’ll be introducing you to some of our favorites.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Linda Cliatt-Wayman, Pennsylvania, District 1

Principal Wayman forged her reputation fixing broken schools in her native Philadelphia. Having experienced poverty and injustice firsthand as a child, she looked up to her mother, who instilled in Linda a firm resolve to rise above these obstacles and strive for something better.

Over the course of her 35-year career in public education, Linda has seen and done it all. Starting as a special education teacher, after 20 years in the classroom she was promoted to principal; and later, assistant superintendent for all high schools in Philly. As a superintendent, she met her greatest challenge: Strawberry Mansion.

When this struggling school ran through 4 principles in 4 years, Linda was tasked with finding one who would stick. Turns out...Linda was the one. Linda stepped down as assistant superintendent and took the helm at this school labeled “persistently dangerous.”

Where many saw a school beyond saving, Linda recognized children, parents, and teachers struggling with many of the burdens she experienced growing up. Through tenacity, creativity, empathy, and an ironclad resolve to give these kids the education they deserved, Linda and her team pulled the school out of freefall. The effort she put into turning Strawberry Mansion around, chronicled by ABC and in her own TED Talk, has garnered her numerous awards and caught the attention of her grateful community--a few of whom nominated Principal Wayman to represent them in a Brand New Congress.

Linda’s record of overhauling broken institutions is exactly the kind of problem-solving we need in Washington. People who know Linda, believe she will represent the interests of real people and advocate realistic solutions for the challenges of her district. Brand New Congress agrees. We need Linda to take on a new failing system and turn it around for all of us.

Help us convince these amazing nominees that you will be there when they run. Will you donate $27 to let them know you'll have their back?

Cori Bush, US Senate Missouri

“A love of humanity should be a prerequisite for the position.” - Cori Bush, on her decision to run for Senate

In 2016, an unknown minister, registered nurse and Ferguson activist named Cori Bush stepped up to challenge an established candidate in the Missouri Democratic Senate race. Despite having no name recognition, no campaign war chest, and no spare time as she continued her full time nursing job while campaigning, Cori garnered 13.3% of the vote away from the party’s chosen candidate, Jason Kander. She did this by running a common-sense campaign that identified the pain of her fellow Missourians struggling to maintain hope in a system that has repeatedly failed them.

In his profile titled “Protest and Politics, Black Women and Leadership” in the Huffington Post, May 9, 2016, David Ragland outlined Cori’s highly progressive platform. Her calls for living wages, Medicaid expansion, fair policing and criminal justice reform, investing in public education and so much more all fit hand-in-glove with the post-partisan Brand New Congress strategy to reform Congress and save our Republic.

Growing up, the St. Louis native witnessed first-hand how a regular person could make an impact; her father served his communities for over 30 years as a local politician. His example inspired her throughout her career, and it was his influence that sent her to the front lines of the Ferguson protests.

For more than 400 days, Cori and her fellow activists comprised of a coalition from Black Lives Matter, LGBT groups, Asia-Pacific Islanders, citizens demanding police reform and many others, staged ongoing nonviolent protests to force coverage of police abuse in Ferguson and surrounding communities. In addition to everything else on her plate, Cori is now co-director of the Ferguson Truth Telling Project.

Some people thinkCori set her sights too high in reaching for the United States Senate. We disagree. We believe this nation was founded by ordinary people placed in extraordinary circumstances. Through her fierce advocacy, her calling to serve her community, and her ability to correctly diagnose what’s ailing working-class Missourians, Cori Bush has proven her mettle.

Her conviction belongs in Congress. Let’s send Cori to the United States Senate.

Help us build the infrastructure to run the candidates you deserve.

We need to ensure that as we build a slate of amazing candidates that Brand New Congress is able to support their campaigns. We don't have a Super PAC or big donors. We rely on donations from people like you to keep our momentum going. We need to narrow the incredible field of 7,300 nominees to the 400 candidates we will run in the 2018 primaries. And we need your help to get it all done.

Will you donate $27 to let them know you'll have their back?

Yours for the revolution,

The entire Brand New Congress team

Several members of our Vashon group are active in the Green Party. The 4 pillars of the Green party are progressive pillars:

1. Ecological sustainability

2. Social and racial justice

3. Democracy – getting rid of Citizens United and election method reform

4. Nonviolence

Here is the link to the Green Party USA Website:

From the website:  "We are grassroots activists, environmentalists, advocates for social justice, nonviolent resisters and regular citizens who’ve had enough of corporate-dominated politics. Government must be part of the solution, but when it’s controlled by the 1%, it’s part of the problem. The longer we wait for change, the harder it gets. Don’t stay home on election day. Vote Green."

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