Alphabetical Links to Other Progressive Groups and Key Resources

34th District Democrats  

At the  meeting on January 11, 2017, progressives were elected to key positions on the Executive Board, and young progressives are leading the working committees. If you have been in despair about the Democratic Party, you are encouraged to read this message from the newly elected chair, David Ginsberg.   Meetings are held at the Fauntleroy Hall, just up the hill from the ferry terminal in West Seattle, the 2nd Wednesday of every month. Social time begins at 6:30, meetings begin at 7:00.  You do not need to be a member to attend a meeting, only to vote. The new website was created by the young progressives taking over the organization.  Click here or go to:

Backbone Campaign 

Backbone Campaign's Artful Activism is bold, principled, powerful, and invigorates social movements striving for equity and justice.

Backbone provides creative strategiesartful action support, and convenes training opportunities for change agents across the United States. Our purpose is to accelerate the growth of a social movement powerful enough to manifest a world where life, community, nature and our obligations to future generations are NOT for sale, but honored as sacred. Click here or go to:   

One of the key projects within the Backbone Campaign is Solutionary Rail.  This is a pilot project for US rail electrification from the Great Lakes to the Salish Sea, powered by renewable energy transmitted across the corridor, and guaranteeing a better life for workers and communities.  The Solutionary Rail E-book is out and ready to download!  Purchase a copy here.  Please spread the word!

Civic Saturday

"Civic Saturday" created by writer Eric Liu and his wife Jena Cane, as an off shoot of their Citizen University. This assembly keeps growing and is an opportunity to explore our fundamental American values and our civic power to implement change.

From the website: Civic Saturday is a periodic gathering we organize that’s a civic analogue to church. It includes song, readings of civic scripture (great and provocative American texts), a sermon, silent reflection. But mainly it’s about fellowship. In a time of deep anxiety and political polarization, people feel a need to reckon with the meaning of our nation’s creed — and to do so face-to-face with others.

This assembly keeps growing and is an opportunity to explore our fundamental American values and our civic power to implement change. Jennifer Zeisig, from Vashon, attends regularly, and can take others with her. She is also happy to answer questions about the group.


  Former progressive congressional staffers who saw the Tea Party beat back President Obama’s agenda, and have created a guide for progressive groups across the US to organize successfully. Highly recommended. Click here or go to

And it is really taking off. See this update from Rachel Maddow:   300,000 copies of the how to guide have been downloaded.

Diane Emerson has created a shorter, Vashon-centric version of the guide. You can download it here: Indivisible Key Points for Vashon
And here is a 4 page version of the guide for folks outside of Vashon: Indivisible Key Points for USA

Here are additional video links to discussion about the Indivisible guide: 

The Rachel Maddow Show (TRMS). 

  1. Resistance to Donald Trump begins to grow with local roots
  2. What is the 'Indivisible' guide?
  3. Online guide helps focus anti-Trump movement
  4. Interest in anti-Trump organizing guide flourishes

The first three clips are from the 1/4/17 TRMS; the last is from 1/6/17

There are two Indivisible chapters on Vashon. The largest is part of the Backbone Campaign. 

The Indivisible Chapter is building our foundation while creating action teams.  Help us develop our social media / website / Facebook presence, meet to discuss strategy and initiate team actions to Resist Trump!  To join the Chapter, sign up here: 

Here is one key action team which is part of the Backbone's Indivisible Chapter:

Legislative Action Team of the Indivisible Chapter:

This group visits our elected Members of Congress at their offices and at town hall meetings.  Join this group for periodic meetings to exchange the latest political information, discuss opportunities for engagement with Members of Congress and their staffers and arrange meetings between Members of Congress and Vashon / Maury Island citizens.


Juniper Rogneby at 

Merrilee Runyan at 

Jennifer Zeisig at 

A second action group is Immigrant / Refugee team of the Indivisible Chapter:
Join the Immigration/Refugee Group meeting to begin planning strategy and additional actions both on and off island to protect our immigrant population.
Contact:  Susie Murphy at 

The second Indivisible chapter on the island is called Daylight Vashon, and you can reach them by sending an e-mail to

Link to the Indivisible page, under construction...

Northwest Progressive Institute  

As a strategy center, the Northwest Progressive Institute (NPI) is a hybrid of many different kinds of institutions. We are a media organization as well as a research and advocacy organization. Our integrity, both in fact and in appearance, is vital to our effectiveness as a force for the common good.

Our Revolution Vashon 
Facebook Page: Originally "Vashon for Bernie Sanders" the name was changed after the Democratic primary. This is the Facebook group most aligned with Revolution Vashon.  Click here or go to:

Vashon Climate Action Group  
We are a hard-working group of Vashon folks determined to combat climate change in our actions. We show our determination by lobbying, researching, raising awareness, healing our own Island and staying close in our work. Partnerships with other Island-based environmental groups are more than welcome.  Click here or go to:

Vashon and Maury Islanders for a Living Wage  Facebook group right now, no regular meetings. Click here to see the Facebook group

Vashon - Onward Together
Facebook Group, no meetings: "We must rise up, push back and continue making progress. We can share ideas and work to protect the rights of everyone. We will not go backward."  Click here or go to
Vashon Resettlement Committee

​Our Mission: Helping refugee and immigrant families from Syria and the war-torn Middle East find homes, jobs and security in the community of Vashon Island in Washington State.  Click here or go to:

Vashon Stands With Standing Rock
After months of engagement, the issue of #NoDAPL Is coming to a critical moment...and our fellow Americans in North Dakota need us. This group is designed mainly as an organizing platform.  Click here or go to:
Yes! Magazine  
 Powerful ideas, practical actions. Click here or go to:  
Here is a great article in a recent issue from Robert Reich: 12 Ways to Resist Trump That Only Take an Hour a Day
Zero Waste Vashon  
Zero Waste Vashon (ZWV) is a group of Vashon Island neighbors working in partnership with King County to make our island a model green community by finding practical ways to recycle our waste stream into useful products. ZWV is partnering with King County for a ZERO WASTE future. We can have revitalized soils, cleaner water, cleaner air, and locally sourced energy.
Click here or go to:

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