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Could railroads, the oldest form of mechanized mass transportation, be the key to unlocking solutions to some of the greatest challenges of the 21st century? Unique among modes of long-haul transport, rail can be electrified.  So, why not power trains with renewable energy? Might a clean, modernized, higher-speed rail network draw freight and passengers off the highways and back onto the tracks? Could electrifying the railroads actually open new transmission corridors and increase the supply and reliability of electricity from wind and solar? 

If the rest of the world is already electrifying their railroads, why isn’t the US? After three years of inquiry with experts and stakeholders, the Solutionary Rail team addresses these questions and more. The Solutionary Rail vision draws unlikely allies together. It provides common cause to workers, farmers, tribes, urban and rural communities via the tracks and corridors that that connect them. Solutionary Rail invites railroads into a win-win partnership with We the People. Solutionary Rail charts a path forward to tackle interlocking economic, environmental, and social problems. Part action plan and part manifesto, this book is the launch pad for a new people-powered campaign to transform the way we use trains and the corridors they travel through. 

So, echoing the conductor’s call, “All aboard!

TAKE ACTION:  Solutionary Rail is a people-powered campaign to electrify America's Railroads and open corridors to a clean energy future.  Take Action Today!

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    • SolutionaryRail.org unites us all! Defeat negative populism with a positive vision that makes a difference in regular people's lives.
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