Climate Change
Climate change is a key issue for those of us who live on Vashon. We are already seeing its effects in our hotter, drier summers, and the king tides washing over our roads.  Fortunately, there is a group formed on Vashon specifically to address climate change. See below for more info:


Climate Action Groups You Can Join

We are a hard-working group of Vashon folks determined to combat climate change in our actions. We show our determination by lobbying, researching, raising awareness, healing our own Island and staying close in our work. Partnerships with other Island-based environmental groups are more than welcome.

For all other meeting minutes, news, comments, opportunities, etc., please visit our Facebook page.

Other Climate Action Efforts:

1. Backbone Campaign

The Backbone Campaign:  Backbone provides creative strategiesartful action support, and convenes training opportunities for change agents across the United States. Our purpose is to accelerate the growth of a social movement powerful enough to manifest a world where life, community, nature and our obligations to future generations are NOT for sale, but honored as sacred.  They have recently published an organizing toolkit for activists which has, among other info, a great guide for organizing and running effective meetings.

Solutionary Rail is an effort of the Backbone Campaign.
Could railroads, the oldest form of mechanized mass transportation, be the key to unlocking solutions to some of the greatest challenges of the 21st century? Unique among modes of long-haul transport, rail can be electrified.  So, why not power trains with renewable energy? Might a clean, modernized, higher-speed rail network draw freight and passengers off the highways and back onto the tracks? Could electrifying the railroads actually open new transmission corridors and increase the supply and reliability of electricity from wind and solar?  Learn more here:
They have a weekly conference call. Learn more about the weekly calls here:

Virginia Lohr is the Vashon representative for this international group. She and her husband are very active in it and attend national meetings. Ginny is heading to Washington DC to lobby for us, and a special action page has been created to make it easy for you to send your comments along with her. Click here to go to that page.

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