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A Grassroots Progressive Movement based on Vashon-Maury Island, WA

About Us

Vashon Progressive Alliance is a grassroots organization formed to further progressive causes in local, regional, and national government.  

This website was formed to keep our community informed of developments and opportunities to participate.  If you are a Vashon resident who supports progressive causes, and has a suggestion for this website, please contact us: click here


The Vashon Progressive Alliance encourages and supports island progressives to take action to heal our democracy.
We are working for a diverse, sustainable, and just community, country, and planet.

Shared Values and Policy Guidelines

Participants in the Vashon Progressive Alliance got together and defined what we believe in as progressive values, and guidelines for government policies.  

Progressive Values

At the most basic level, the progressive story is built on care and concern for oneself and others, and the duty to act on this concern. Progressives believe fundamentally in the dignity of each human being—and thus, to be progressive means you care about the conditions and lives of all other people; you believe in individual freedom with due regard for fairness and equal opportunity for all; you use honest, open communication to achieve trust as you work to create the world you want to live in; and you feel a sense of duty to those around you and in other places, particularly the vulnerable, the exploited, and those lacking the ability to care for themselves. You endeavor to create supportive communities that respect people with different views and backgrounds. Progressives believe we all do better when we all do better.

These values fall in line behind the progressive principles of justice, equity, equality, and ethical behavior to create representative Democracy, a government that protects and serves, and a foreign policy that reflects our progressive values.

These words owe a great debt to George Lakoff, and his book Don’t Think of an Elephant. They are modifications of his excellent definitions.

Progressive Policy Guidelines - September, 2017

1. Policy Guidelines for the Planet

Environment. A clean, healthy, and sustainable environment for ourselves and our children: water you can drink, air you can breathe, and food that is healthy and safe. Polluters are responsible to repair the damage they cause.

Climate Change.
Energy efficiency, reducing waste, living more simply, expanding renewable energy, and eliminating the use of fossil fuels.

Nature. We respect the fact that humans are in an interdependent relationship with nature. We reject the notion of being in an exclusively dominant position over nature. We also have a responsibility to steward and preserve the natural ecosystems of which we are a part.

Animals. Animals are sentient beings, and should be free from exploitation.

Energy. We need to make a major investment in renewable energy, to create millions of jobs that pay well, eliminate the use of fossil fuels, reduce pollution, and reverse global warming.

2. Policy Guidelines for Equal Opportunity

The economy. An economy that creates good-paying jobs and provides every American a

fair opportunity, while giving due regard to the sustainable use of the Earth’s finite resources.

Health. Every American should be covered by a state-of-the-art, affordable health care system.

Education. A vibrant, well-funded, and inclusive public education system that encourages lifelong learning. Where children are taught their civic rights and responsibilities, and the truth about their nation -its wonders and its blemishes, so they may fully participate and contribute to our society.

Early childhood. We support making publicly funded high-quality early childhood education available to all.

3. Policy Guidelines for Governance

Foreign Policy. Recognizes the sovereignty and earns the trust of other countries, and their right of self-determination. Uses the UN to resolve disputes between nations, and to counter human rights abuses. Emphasizes cooperation and negotiation instead of force, with military intervention as a last resort.

Government Protections. Government shall provide protections equally for all individuals and groups, to foster economic prosperity, health and safety, freedom and justice, and to guard personal privacy.

. A transparent, efficient, and fair government tells the truth to citizens and earns the trust of every American.

Equal rights.
Equal rights for all regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, ability, and sexual orientation.

Criminal Justice. Honor and respect the Constitution, including due process of law and equal protection under the law, encourage restorative justice, and respect and support international law.

Representative Democracy. An election system that gives all adults the right to vote, fair and equal representation, with public financing of election campaigns.

These and many other policy guidelines follow from our values.

Results of Meeting November 20, 2018


  • Friday, Nov 30:  Blue Wave celebration potluck – 6:30 – 10PM – Vashon Co-Housing
  • Wednesday, Dec 12:  Immigrant / Refugee Work Group – Noon to 2PM
  • Monday, Dec 10:  Last day to comment on policy change to redefine the conditions under which Immigrants can receive Green Cards, which would prohibit Green Card status to immigrants who have accepted any safety net service


The blue wave happened, and we will see the results for many years.

Here are just a few of the candidates mentioned in our meeting:

  •         Kim Schrier – Washington’s 8th Congressional District, flipped to blue
  •         Krysten Sinema – Arizona Senate, flipped to blue
  •         Washington Seats that flipped from Republican to Democrat – Mona Das, Claire Wilson, Debra Entenman, Mari Leavitt, Jared Mead, Lisa Callan, Bill Ramos, Sharon Shewmake, Dave Paul and, hopefully, Justin Boneau and Emily Randall (too close to call at our meeting)


We voted to endorse I-1000,

which would repeal I-200 and expand state affirmative action and anti-discrimination laws. Click here to read the full endorsement.


Diane Emerson plans to focus her future activism on removal of toxic pesticide use on Vashon Island and Puget Sound.  As a consequence, she will be unable to continue facilitating the Vashon Progressive Alliance monthly meetings. No one came forward to pick up the baton, so monthly meetings will be suspended.  The group decided that a quarterly or twice-yearly gathering of all the progressive groups on Vashon would be a great idea, however. If you are interested in this, please contact Art Chippendale at arthur.chippendale@gmail.com

The website and Facebook page will continue to be updated by Diane Emerson

Indivisible Vashon may soon begin regular meetings, for those longing to connect regularly in person with other Vashon progressive activists.

Here are the November  Meeting Minutes 
Next meeting of the Vashon Progressive Alliance: None scheduled


As opportunities arise for our organization to endorse candidates, organizations, and progressive actions, these will be listed here.  If you want to propose an endorsement for the group, please let us know, and attend a meeting to share your passion about why we should give an endorsement. 

We have a policy on how we decide on endorsements. To read the current policy, please click here.  

2018 Endorsements
1. Passed April 17, 2018: The Citizens Impeachment Coalition (CIC)  
Vashon Progressive Alliance  endorses the Citizens Impeachment Coalition support of House Resolution 621 calling for Impeachment of Donald J Trump. 

2. Passed April 17, 2018
Department of Licensing Director Kohler should be removed from officeAn endorsement by the Vashon Progressive Alliance: Remove the Director of the Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL) from office, as proposed by the Latino Civic Alliance (Nina Martinez is board chair)

3. Passed April 17, 2018: “Vashon Progressive Alliance endorses Whole Washington’s I-1600 Universal Healthcare for Washington State. This measure would require establishment of a comprehensive state program to pay for healthcare for all Washington residents by November 2019, funded by premiums and taxes on employers, individual income, and capital gains.”

4. Passed June 19, 2018: 

The Vashon Progressive Alliance dual endorses Shannon Braddock and Joe Nguyen for the 34th District Senate Primary election in 2018. We do this for the following reasons:

1) Shannon Braddock and Joe Nguyen are both good progressive candidates who will represent the 34th district’s priorities well.

2) With eleven candidates filed for this position, our Top Two Primary has the potential to select two Republicans for the General election in November with as little as 10% of the vote each. The Democratic, Independent, and “No Party” vote could be evenly split among nine candidates with approximately 9% of the vote for each candidate.

3) Currently, there are two ways to prevent this loss of majority rule — obtain agreement from two or more Democrats to drop out of the race, or get progressive organizations to agree to endorse the same two or three candidates. To date no one has dropped out.

4) The 34th District Democrats have endorsed Shannon Braddock and Joe Nguyen at their June meeting. The Vashon Progressive Alliance finds it in everyone’s best interest to endorse the same candidates. If most progressives vote for one of these two endorsed candidates, it will ensure that at least one Democrat will make it to the General election in November.

5. Passed September 18, 2018:

Vashon Progressive Alliance endorses Initiative I-1631.

Passing Initiative I-1631 on November 6th will mark Washington State as one of the leaders in combatting global warming.

We have a choice between the interests of oil companies and our own clean air and water. For us that’s an easy choice. We’ll take our state’s health and the future of our kids over big oil every time.

We are paying for pollution every day with increased health costs from asthma and lung disease, but we can enact I-1631 and finally make big polluters pay for what they are doing to the communities and natural resources in our state. Those polluters know this and they are pouring in millions of dollars to defeat I-1631. They don’t care about us, just their own bottom line.

To support affected workers, I-1631 will help create over 40,000 new, good paying jobs in clean energy, forest health, and manufacturing across Washington. There are also funds set aside to help workers transition through job training and wage assistance as well as dedicated protection to ensure their jobs stay in Washington State.

Faced with opponents who have so much money but no concern for our state, we can win if we commit to voting for I-1631. The largest coalition in Washington’s history produced this initiative, and more than 360,000 people from all over the state signed to put it on the ballot. Now, we all have the opportunity to defeat the oil industry’s money and make investments in renewable energy, our communities, our water, and our air.

On the November ballot, let’s vote for the interests of Vashon-Maury Island, Washington State, the United States, and the world — not for Exxon, Chevron, and Shell. Vote for I-1631.

Passed November 20, 2018
Vashon Progressive Alliance Endorses I-1000

    I-1000 is a statewide initiative to the Washington Legislature promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion for women, minorities, people with disabilities, and honorably discharged veterans in public employment, education, and contracting, by reinstating Affirmative Action, without quotas or preferential treatment, in public policy. Click here to read more about this endorsement.